Clean Code Of Couponing Conduct

Clean code of couponing conduct

If you are going to have to do several transactions, and people are waiting behind you, do one transaction, then go to the back of the line. And do another one. The couponers that are not organized or conscious of other people’s time give us a bad name. The goal is for people behind you to not even really notice you are couponing. Do not shop at Peak times of the day/week.

A couple of tips. If you are going to use coupons at Target, seek out young male cashiers, they are awesome, and actually will ask for your number…….to give to their MOM so you can teach her your money saving ninja ways. If it is Wal-Mart, self-checkout is usually best. If you are Price matching at the grocery stores, look for older cashiers, they know how to do Math!

Did you know there are coupons for? Every….single…thing???? If you have a prescription that costs you a boat load of money….there are coupons for that!! Will bring your out of pocket down to $15. I save ON everything, medication, gas, food, laundry soap, personal care items, light bulbs, batteries, and cat and dog food, I mean EVERYTHING! The money I save, ends up paying off debt, or paying for birthdays, Christmas, vacations. Stop….please stop thinking you have no choice but to pay what the companies ask you to pay.

Couponers tip 10062. Did you know…that stores MAKE MONEY by accepting coupons? They get the face value of the coupon AND an additional handling fee. There is power in knowledge. Remember, not all store employees know how this all works. And will sometimes try to make you feel bad about using coupons. Wanna know what I don’t feel bad about? Putting that money into my savings, or towards a family vacation, or towards our debt. Those are the things I think about when someone tries to “coupon shame”. Me.

Bonsu tip of the day! Print out the store coupon policy and have it with you. I know at 1st you will not feel comfortable “challenging” a checker or even an assistant manager. As your confidence builds you will feel comfortable. It does not happen often, but when it does, it is good to be prepared. Recently I had 2 people reach out to me, because an assistant manager said they could not price match AND use a coupon on the item. Well this is false, they get reimbursed the face value of the coupon, so the store would not have been out ANYTHING by allowing them to use their coupons. Only you are out of money…out of your pocket. If you have the policy in a screen shot or printed out, you can quickly educate them on their coupon policy.
And honestly that is all it is, they just do not understand this whole “couponing thing” so most of the time they appreciate that you explain it to them.