Cool Couponing Design

DO NOT CLIP YOUR COUPONS!!!! I am so serious when I say this lol! At least I do not have time for all that. Keep your inserts whole, when you make your shopping list THEN clip the coupons you need. Everything is already mapped out for you by design in matchups, so all you have to do is…if it Says Totinos Pizza $1/1 Pizza (RP 3/26) that tells you, you will find $1 off of $1 Pizza coupon in the Red Plum Insert that was delivered on Sunday March 26th. If it said (SS 2/19) that would be the Smart Source insert that was delivered on February 19th. If it says P&G that means it is in the P&G insert for that month (Those only get delivered once a month). When I get my inserts I immediately write the date on the front of the inserts so I know when I got them.

DO NOT try to do everything you see people post right off the bat. You will only get frustrated and end up spending more money than saving. Pick ONE store, and start to coupon there, my favorite store is CVS to start. Buy 2 or 3 items until you end up getting the feel for how it all works. You will build on that foundation. Just like anything else, it takes a little time and patience. Everyone wants to build that stock pile RIGHT NOW!! Trust me, it will build itself. Just have fun with it. It is worth learning. Stick with it, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone starts right where you are.