Nice Support Tips- Couponing But Don’t Clean Out The Coffee

Tip! The easiest stuff to start couponing/stocking up on are your personal hygiene, health and beauty, and household items. The whole thing is kind of a natural progression. Pick ONE store and learn it. Do not try to get 20 items your 1st few trips, just get 1 or 2, to get the feel for it. My favorite store for beginners is CVS – they are super couponer friendly and very helpful. Once you get that down, you move onto another store, my second store was Target. Once you are all stocked up on those items and have learned how everything works, you then start to focus on slashing your grocery bill.

PLEASE also be very respectful to your cashiers and store managers, if they say you can’t do something that you have seen posted in this group that is their call to make. Also do not clear shelves, there are enough deals each week for us all to be able to save and gradually stock up for our families. It is a skill, so you have to crawl before you can run. But it comes faster than you think! :-* Ask a lot of questions! We have a very helpful group here.

Daily Tip! I want to share another couponing tip with you. I think of couponing as a part time job. When you really start to coupon, and understand how it works, you will understand what I mean. Couponing changes your entire thought process on how you shop. This is the way I started thinking about my savings. It put things in perspective for me. The 1st thing someone will say to me is “I don’t have time”. I completely get it. When I started to look back on the last 4 months, I figured out that with a few hours of work per week, it worked out that I was saving $100 or more. So 2 hours of my time made me $50 an hour. Now times that by 52 weeks, that is $5200 a year. And that is when I was just starting. Who wouldn’t sign up for a part time job only working 2 hours a week for $5200? *NOTE* this tip was posted over a year ago, when I was learning. I am a year and 1/2 in, and I am spending on average $200 a month on groceries, personal items, and household items. A MONTH! I am now saving $800 a month, same amount of time. It is a learning process, one that is worth learning. JUST START OUT SMALL!!! Do only 1 or 2 deals a week that you see posted to get the feel for it. :-*

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